Working Papers

The Impact of Criminal Financial Sanctions: A Multi-State Analysis of Survey and Administrative Data (with Elizabeth Luh and Michael Mueller-Smith).
National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper #31581.
Subsumes two prior working papers circulated as Criminal Court Fees, Earnings, and Expenditures: A Multi-State RD Analysis of Survey and Adminstrative Data (with Elizabeth Luh and Michael Mueller-Smith) and The Impact of Financial Sanctions: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Driver Responsibility Programs in Michigan and Texas (by Keith Finlay, Matthew Gross, Michael Mueller-Smith, and Elizabeth Luh).


Variation in Racial Disparities in Police Use of Force.
Journal of Urban Economics (Accepted).
Working paper versions: May 2022, Princeton Industrial Relations Section Working Paper #639.

Visual Inference and Graphical Representation in Regression Discontinuity Designs (with Christina Korting, Jordan Matsudaira, Zhuan Pei, and Yi Shen).
Quarterly Journal of Economics (2023).
Working paper versions: arXiv:2112.03096, IZA Discussion Paper #14923, Princeton Industrial Relations Section Working Paper #638.

Death, Bereavement, and Creativity (with Kathryn Graddy).
Management Science (2018).
Media coverage: Atlas Obscura, Pacific Standard