New Paper on Bereavement and Creativity

I am proud to announce that Death, Bereavement, and Creativity, coauthored with Kathryn Graddy, is now available through the Articles in Advance series at Management Science. The paper explores the link between its eponymous concepts, finding that despite the folk "wisdom" that artists do their best work while suffering, the... [Read More]
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Blogging with Emacs, Org, and GitHub Pages

When I chose hosting and content management solutions for this website, I knew the blog portion would be the hardest. A bio page, a link to my GitHub profile, these are easy. But blogs are dynamic, and require much more background logic to manage. I made my hosting and content... [Read More]
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Five Months with Rocksmith 2014

Break on Through I used to be pretty good with tiny fake guitars. Not "Through the Fire and Flames" good but still "Satch Boogie" good.1 Many an evening was spent with friends and family over a copy of Rock Band or Guitar Hero: World Tour, but we as a civilization... [Read More]

Integrating Baloo File Search with Emacs

I use KDE on the desktop. Although most of my userland operations are done in Emacs and Firefox, I tend to appreciate the choice when handling tasks more complex than text-based processes. KWin, the default window manager, features a superb set of per-application rules that come in handy while playing... [Read More]
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